International Day of Peace

Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981

On this day of peace, I’m proclaiming to love and live in a peaceful state until I’m no longer breathing. I pray that my written desires are honored as I lie in peace upon my transition from life to this Earth to the hereafter.

I will no longer allow anyone to steal my joy. Joy brings peace into my soul and is a purpose of my being. 

I will no longer allow anyone or anything to impact the plans I’m following for my peaceful life, as they bring me hope.

I will no longer engage in allowing the drama of others to be absorbed into my life, ultimately allowing me to become a human trash can. Instead, I will promote peace. 

I’m at peace having asked a higher power to forgive me for my wrong doings, furthermore forgiving all those who have hurt me. 

This path of peace has been a long journey and not a race, with many stops along the way, filled with insurmountable pain. Reaching this place of peace is euphoric. 

Once you begin to conform your internal and external core with peace, you’ll attract others who seek peace.

Like the universal symbol for peace, don’t allow the circle to become twisted into other shapes, as nothing else can substitute peace! ☮️

How did I transform a life full of tragedies into peace?

Self-affirmation! When you only allow the blessings you have been bestowed into your space, goodness overflows. 

One of my personal treasures for finding my way to and through peace is “I Choose Happiness: A 30 Day Guide To Living Well” by Greg Bowens. You can find Greg on Twitter and purchase the book at Lulu.

May you too find your way to peace!

Crystal Sanford Brown
Emerging Young Leadership, Inc.
Founder & Director

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