• In this photo is my brother James Todd, (1965-2017) sisters Tracey and Nicole, and myself. You see a forced smile upon the face of a little girl, dressed in a gorgeous pink dress, tights with shiny MaryJane shoes, bows in her hair, and a mind swirling with fear on this
  • October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Recently while speaking with my Mom, I was reminded of my very first voting experience. The year was 1964. I was 18 months of age when my Mom placed me next to my sister Tracey, who was age 2.5 yrs in a double
  • We are proud to partner with organizations like Young People Travel Global Edge (Global Edge) to help the next generation change the world. Learning Journeys take students on virtual educational tours to countries abroad where they learn about the history and culture of the destination from our international team of
  • Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981 On this day of peace, I’m proclaiming to love and live in a peaceful state until I’m no longer breathing. I pray that my written desires are honored as I lie in peace upon my transition from life to this Earth
  • September is National Suicide Prevention Month here in the U.S.A. The very first time I recall hearing the term suicide, I was 10 years of age. Sean* was a cousin of my cousins on the maternal side of my family. In our family, my siblings and I were taught that
  • Some years ago, I sat enjoying a message delivered by Rhonda Meyers, co-owner of The Heartfelt Impressions Early Childhood Education Centers. The message would serve as the keynote address, for one of the previously named Metro Detroit AEYC Conferences. Each point  Rhonda shared resonated with my soul, although I was filled with
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