The “Talk”

The “TALK” that parents have with their children identified in the Populations of Color 

In 2020, we have individuals who believe that if we would just cease addressing that racist beliefs fuel racism all over this world, that it would just go away. It’s not a part of their reality or experiences and addressing the topic tends to make some uncomfortable and uneasy. 

These individuals have never experienced walking into a store and being followed around as a suspect instead of a prospective valued customer. 

Better yet, a case where parents were called by an educator that stated:

“I feared for my life because I didn’t like the way he looked at me.” The educator was referring to a 9-year-old Child of Color (COC) when she was questioned by the school Administration for justifying why she contacted the parents of the child. 

The educator’s behavior demonstrated what is known as White Fragility.  When a White person is questioned about intrinsic biases, they may claim fear for their life as a defensive mechanism. 

When parents of children as identified in Populations of Color (POC), share the TALK with their children, it’s necessary almost as soon as they come out of the womb. Please note that the TALK isn’t teaching children to be racist. Parents of COC, are instilling in their children how to protect themselves when they’re treated unfairly by racist behavior and actions. Annually, monthly, daily, hourly, and every single moment, praying for their children’s protection against someone viewing their child as a target! 

The hues of the COC skin tones are on the spectrum of gorgeous shades from dark chocolate to white chocolate. Some individuals practicing horrible social norms have unfortunately placed death sentences upon the lives of children belonging to POP. A large number of COC, have been treated like soda cans one would utilize in target practice, that have no deposit fee and are of zero value. 

Many issues impacting the Populations of COC. 

One, in particular, is human trafficking. Many of the 20% of prostituted girls that are transported outside of their state lines for human trafficking, are COC. The average age of entry into human trafficking is 12 years of age. Over 100,000 young people will be placed in human trafficking annually. 

Ongoing research has shown that the news media is slow or nearly ever announces missing COC. Thanks to the instant sharing of news via social media, many cases of abducted, abused, missing, molested, murdered, violated…COC would have never been known. 

What role does Emerging Young Leadership, Inc. fulfill in encouraging COC that their life has value? 

The organization’s mission is:

Breaking the SILENCE into a transformation of LISTENING to young people, providing support in building a bridge to a deeper, more passionate, and persistent foundation for lifelong leadership, while supporting their healing of brokenness, despite the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Emerging Young Leadership, Inc. has a personal passion to provide extraordinary opportunities for young people who may have only believed themselves to be broken and shattered. 

The numbers are devastating. 

“In their most recent study a few years ago, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated the lifetime cost to society for dealing with all issues related to the child abuse of just one year’s worth of traumatized kids is $585 billion, an astonishing figure that repeats each year!”

Emerging Young Leadership, Inc. is committed to a shared role in ceasing all childhood abuse and the cycle of the abuse repeating in families. Please join us by supporting our efforts through many options including donations, scheduling seminars, and volunteering. 

Please note, all individuals who assist within the organization, have undergone a Child Abuse & Neglect background check before fulfilling any duties.

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