Women’s History Month

Who are the women in your life that inspire you?

I have several women who inspire me that are from various periods of my life. Some have gained their Angel’s Wings but I continue to think about their words of encouragement and, at some points, a listening ear that was shared.

We’re allowed to select those we chose to refer as associates and friends. Regardless of new scientific discoveries, I still hold the belief that God aligns the stars to your biological family.

There’s one exceptionally phenomenal woman in my life; the two of us have not always agreed on my ideology of LIFE choices but I have maintained the highest honor and respect unto her throughout my existence. The one woman who has consistently remained my #1 cheerleader is my mother, AKA: Queen Lady Jojo Sanford, who gave me life, as per the will of God.

Because of individuals like my parents who went that extra mile, their children were able to have experiences that weren’t available for themselves as children. I am forever grateful for the educational foundation I was afforded.

Along this journey we call life, I’ve been abused, bullied, cheated on, hurt, looked over for promotions, lied to, and more. If there’s one thing that I’ll forever recall as a Believer that was shared by my mom, it’s to “hold your head up and know that God is able to turn it all around for your good.”

Because other women before me held the torch so that I could, I’ve held the torch, passing it along to ignite the flames for other women, as #WeStandTogether

Crystal Sanford-Brown
Emerging Young Leadership

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